Top 5 Tips on Staying Healthy During Your Trip

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Welcome to our post “Top 5 Tips on Staying Healthy During Your Trip”

1. Prevent Insect Bites

Staying Healthy Travel Tips

Diseases such as Malaria are spread through insect bites.

Make sure to use use the correct Insect repellent. 30-50% DEET Picaridin

Wear long sleeves shirts if possible

Peak biting period is usually dusk & dawn, so remain inside, preferably screened off or air conditioned area, during these periods

Sleep in a bed treated with permethrin, if not in a screened or air conditioned room.

Spray the room with Insect repellent spray

2. Be Careful with water & Food

Wash your hands after with soap & water especially before eating. Use 60% Alcohol based hand gel if available.

Drink only boiled or bottled water. Do not drink tap water, fountain drinks or ice water, all could contain harmful bacteria.

Make sure foods are fully cooked

Avoid unpasteurized dairy products

Avoid Street Vendor food

Make sure you take along some anti Diarrhoea and sickness tablets to treat mild symptoms of food poisoning

3. Be Careful With Car & Bike Journeys

Staying Healthy Travel Tips

One of the leading causes of Hospitalization of travellers is accidents whilst travelling in foreign lands. Make sure you are protected by:-

  • Wearing helmets when riding Motorbikes, Scooters or Cycles
  • Wear seatbelts as you would at home, even if not legal to do so.
  • Don’t drink & drive just because your on holiday
  • Follow local traffic laws
  • Don’t use drugs whilst driving
  • Avoid over loaded buses
  • Hire local Guide if possible
  • Avoid night driving

4 Other Staying Healthy Tips (Don’ts)

  • Do not share needles for Tattoos, piercings or injections. HIV & viral hepatitis can be caught!
  • Do not handle pet animals especially cats or dogs. A bite from a Rabies infected animal can have devastating health problems. If Bitten, seek urgent medical help.
  • If you suspect Animals may have defecated, do not go barefoot on beaches or paths, to avoid fungal & parasitic infections

5 Other Staying Healthy Tips (Dos)

  • Do try to exercise whilst on vacation. Try the Hotel’s gym or simply walk instead of taxi everywhere
  • Do drink lots of bottles water as Hydration is the key
  • Do use Wetnaps and sanitizers, especially where soap & water aren’t available
  • Do protect your skin by wearing sunscreen with minimum SPF 15
  • Use Latex condoms to avoid HIV & other sexually transmitted diseases.

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