Do’s and Don’ts Japan Travel Tips

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Hey guys, it’s Mikan, and today I’m going to be basically doing a few chores I’m gonna get my hair roots redone, you know the straightening? After that, depending on if Hirokazu is done with his stuff- We’re gonna be meeting up and I’m gonna be getting some things for my meetup, which is this week.

This is probably gonna be uploaded after the meetup. But like that’s where we’re at right now.. So I thought I would take you along but then also kind of talk about some things that you should and should not do in Japan. Just because I get a lot of people who ask me for advice.. like a lot of people want some tips and I guess like traveling, it’s kind of scary so I can understand like wanting to hear from someone who lives in Japan; what tips I have So today’s going to be kind of a do’s and don’ts in Japan though i’m not gonna be saying like Do this, don’t do this.

I’m kind of just going to be talking about things you should and shouldn’t do, while I take you out on my day. So let’s go! Let’s start with train etiquette. One thing I don’t often see people speak about is backpacks. And this is a mistake I often see people make. When you get on a busy train, make sure that you take your backpack off your back and put it on your front- Like this: This is because the busy trains are VERY, very busy So if your bag is behind you, if you end up hitting someone, you don’t know.

The best way to tell if the train is busy enough for you to put your backpack on your front- Is to look around and notice that other people are doing it. One thing about Japan, is that the train is a quiet place.. So be really careful when you’re with your friends, that you don’t speak too loudly and- Definitely, definitely DO NOT talk on the phone.

It is seen as very, very rude here. Another thing is, and this is a really big pet peeve of mine, is if you see a pregnant person- an old person, someone who has injured their leg, or something.. STAND FOR THEM Let them take your seat. I don’t know why it’s so like.. I see so many people, not just foreigners by the way- Japanese people as well, who just don’t stand for old people! Like they’ll like pretend to be asleep and it’s like so rude! It really bothers me if you’ve got two functional legs: Stand for those who are struggling Of course, there are priority seats, but they’re not always available Like if a really really old lady’s standing in front of you, STAND UP My next tip is to not tip anyone EVER.

There’s just not a tipping culture in Japan It’s just not something that happens here Just pay but you’re asked to pay and that’s it. While I’m looking my absolute best.. I thought I would give you my next tip: Which is to wear masks If you’re sick Now this is something that took me a really long time to get used to.

Just because we don’t really have masks and stuff in the UK So I thought were kind of uncomfortable wearing them But honestly think of it this way when you’re in Japan You’ll packed all around people all of the time and if you sneeze and cover it with your hand It’s you’re still gonna get the sneeze all over people.

They sell them for super cheap Literally anywhere you can find them so easily so there’s no reason not to get them. I’m here today as usual with Natalie Hey boys done an amazing job with my hair I cut my own friendship, which is really annoying because once it gets too long I get really irritated because it gets in my eyes and then I boys do a really bad job cutting it and that I missed those nuts to me like She also styled it a little bit at the end here curled it a better feels so good But like it’s all straight and it’s all one color Yeah Look who came to join me Okay, let’s get to my next point My next tip is to try to learn just a little bit of Japanese before you come Japanese people really Appreciate when foreign people speak any Japanese at all like you say one word and people like oh Like amazed even though it feels really embarrassing even just saying like I think though as I’m asked the US and things like that people Totally like appreciate that.

Yeah, ya know so Japanese people really care about someone’s How does it like? Behavior and stuff if you just like stretch to my son stuff people gonna people to really appreciate it Like yeah, it’s gonna look really good on you. Yeah, it’s like yeah, it makes people very nice in Yeah in Japan especially like if I say like oscillation was when I passed someone I mean the holiday pass salute when you when you Pass someone.

Yeah, I think so mass might be difficult for well people who don’t know any Japanese. Oh, yeah sumimasen. It’s funny Yeah, nothing is fine, too. Yeah. Yeah like that But if you if you want to go for a bit higher level than sedation mass is better. Yeah. Yeah So one thing you have to know about Japanese people is they’re really really punctual So make sure you’re always on time and by on time, I mean be like 10 minutes early It’s essentially something that I struggle with.

I’ve really had to get used to being on time all the time Japanese people are particularly strict about time. So take care about that Okay, so while we’re in Harajuku I want to talk about how does yuku modeling agents who come up to foreigners all the time don’t trust them It’s usually the kind of like modeling agency where like they charge you like a ridiculous amount for like lessons and then you never actually become a lot of anything even like Totally down if you give in someone’s business card look it up online Make sure it’s a reputable agency because they come up to you all the time and you know at first I used to be like Flattered I used to be like oh But I’ve come to realize they look for like foreigners or generally people who look like they would want to be one models Yeah, and then they like go for them because they think they can stand up careful.

They usually walking around against the street so you’d better be careful if it was like it’s hot like if they’re like Really? Yeah So scary. Yeah, that’s a scam to look out for We’re on the hunt for Simona’s mr. Secondhand Fozzie these kinds of things Do you see anything you like? I don’t know I can’t decide I like the black one, huh? Yeah, I mean – but I want to throw a ball.

Okay, just let sees that he likes Well, no. No, you should try them both on yeah See what I want to get is a holiday this kind of cardigan looking things Just kind of to wear on day to day life, but I’m not so sure about the patterns. I’m seeing here So I probably won’t buy it today. Okay So while he look at this trying goes on I want to bring up my next point which is to downplay compliments Now this is a pretty big difference to the UK I would say because in the UK if someone says like oh, you look so pretty then you’ll be like, oh, thank you That’s so nice.

You look pretty too but in Japan, that would be seen as very like Big-headed this is actually something that I find quite difficult just because when someone compliments me I just want the moment to meet over. I wanted to be like, okay, thanks, and you know, it’s all done You should be like I’ve got the lines that I’ve like I don’t have those I’m months that you have to be humble at all Times otherwise people will think you are a really big headed person You think I think luckily my size oh Yeah, because like, you know I come with The same time I go well with food and actually like the Comfortable So usually this kind of jacket costs like 30,000 yen, but we found it for 10,000 it’s very there.

Yeah Another tip is that when you make payments in Japan, you usually don’t hand over the cash directly But instead you put it in one of these little trays so give a lookout So, my next tip is just a small one and that is to make sure that you separate your rubbish Don’t just throw things anywhere in England’s most bins up or like anything but in Japan they have a specific purpose So watch out so the next one is another simple one, which is just to do my shoes inside in Japan You just don’t wear shoes inside.

You’re usually given some slippers to wear inside instead. So keep that in mind Actually, I don’t like wearing slippers but you know, cause his mom gets mad at me when I don’t mess with this We found you know, I love you know, check out the roof so pretty There’s some crystals over there.

So we’re gonna Have a bite to eat I Got this little making tea style thing as a snack. I always loved anything mac and cheese So comforting Okay, so as my last point, I’m just going to zoom through some table etiquette I’m sure you’ve heard most of these but just in case I’m just gonna go through them First one is to make sure that you never ever pass food from chopstick to chopstick like this the second one Is that you never ever put your chopsticks in rice like this? Those are both things that they do at funerals So it has like a funeral image You should never point your chopsticks at anyone and you should have like separate chopsticks for serving food Like if you’re sharing like a dish Then you should have like separate ones that you’re not eating with to share their food with So that you’re not putting like this bit and everything, you know Another thing is that if you have a bowl of rice, it’s totally okay to pick it up in general small bowls But it’s totally cool to just pick things up.

Do you have rice? Do you have to finish it down to the very last grain of rice? Japanese people have a very big appreciation for like the people who made their food and like whether food came from So they feel it’s really disrespectful to like the farmer and everyone who made the rice for to like not finish it before you eat Used to say keep a vacuum ass and when you finish eating you say gotta sauce some of this stuff you should also say got sauce on and estar to the waitress and the sheriff and basically anyone who has anything to do with the food that you just say who it is totally cool to slap your noodles even though that some things that I’m still trying to get used to and at the end when you have to pay you don’t pay at the Table you take it up to a cashier to paint that that’s pretty much all of the base I feel like that’s pretty much the whole video now I don’t think there’s really anything left to say, so, please let me know in the comments if you like This video don’t hit like and subscribe.