5 Facts Everyone Should Know About Cheap Car Rental

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1. Motor on out of the airport to get Cheap Car Rental


Renting a Vehicle at the Airport is a really convenient way of doing it, but it will come at a price, due to Airport surcharges. We checked recent rates at Enterprise and discovered you would pay an extra £100 for a 3 day weekend rental in Florida.

Saving £100 just for renting from the same company but not booking at the Airport is madness we know, but that’s what is happening!

I suppose you should factor in, the Taxi fare to & from the airport but still, nowhere near $100 is it?

But do check yourselves as not all Airports are the same and you might be able to get a decent deal, just don’t bet on it.

2. Shop Around For Cheap Car Rental

cheap car rental

Sites such as Kayak, Cheapcarrental offer extremely competitive prices, especially if you hit the “Buy Now” button. Just keep in mind that advance rental payments are typically non refundable.

3. Budget Brands

The big Brand companies do offer some decent deals, but if your on a strict budget, you may wish to investigate the budget Rental companies, like Advantage & Thrifty, who often offer a lower rate than the big name companies.

4. Economy Cars

economy car rental

If you want Cheap Car Rentall, than think economy class motors. Sometimes if you book the economy class motor, you get an upgrade because the economy is so popular it’s been over subscribed or something of the likes. Another bonus!

5. Forego the extras to get Cheap Car Rental

Does your Vehicle really need the top of the range Sat Nav system?

Or the 6 speaker boom base stereo system?

Probably not just now, but the companies will try to sell you these add ons.

Just say no!

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