7 Cheap Air Tickets Secrets Revealed

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Some tips on how to get Cheap Air Tickets.

1. Don’t travel during peak season

cheap air tickets secrets

Most Airlines increase their fares during peak season due to the massive increase in demand.

If you choose to travel our of season, not only will your ticket prices be lower, but there will be lees crowds both at the airport and at the tourist attractions. Consider leaving early and going home later if you really must travel during peak season.

2. Try the Internet for deals

This is by far the easiest way to find deals as most Airlines have Last minute deals due to cancellations. If you are available to depart within a few days, you will likely get even more discount as the seats need to be filled by the Airlines.

We have known massive discounts for “ready mow” tourists especially out of season. Another great way to get Cheap Air Tickets!

3. Fly out on a Weekday

If you fly on a Weekend, you will pay sometimes an extra $30-40 so it makes sense to fly on a weekday, especially Monday-Wednesday to avoid the high traffic days.

4. Use Senior Citizen discounts

cheaper air tickets secrets

This is well worth asking about as we know some Airlines offer this discount and the same to the companions of the Senior Citizen

5. How long you stay

Airlines usually offer discounts if you stay for at least 7 days and return within 90 days, so again, it makes sense to use this if you can.

6. Early Buyer discounts

cheaper air tickets secrets

Some Airlines offer discounts for those travellers who buy their tickets 3-4 months in advance.

Plus, it’s an idea to call Airlines at 12.01 am On a Wednesday Morning as this is when they release all the new fares and seating plans. You could be first with the cheapest tickets and best seats. Just be aware that it’s always better to buy your tickets at least 20 days in advance to ensure the best seating possible.

7. Check with the travel agents shop

Not all the best discounts are via the internet. The Travel Agents can have some great deals and if you are travelling more than 6 months in advance of the booking, it’s best to use Travel Agent as Internet don’t usually cover more than 6 months in advance.

Also, your travel agent may have specific deals that only apply to that Agency, so always worth a check.

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