15 THINGS to do in Central Park (Hidden Secrets) | New York City

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It’s Jon coming to you from Central Park Perhaps the most famous park in the United States? If not the world This place is on every tourist’s itinerary And today I’m going to be sharing with you 15 Things to do in Central Park In order to plan that perfect day Guys make sure to tell me down below in the comments If I missed anything?

Here we go.

Guys before we begin 5 quick facts about Central Park It was first opened to the public in 1858 It runs from 59th street to 110th It has 9,000 benches 58 miles of pedesterian paths And has 42 million visitors a year I want to let you know that this guide was shot in Geographical order You can literally follow all of these stops From 1 to the other Although I do warn you it’s going to take you most of the day We’re starting the tour at the very top of Central Park And right behind me is the “Blockhouse” It’s actually a little bit tricky to find But it is worth discovering This was built to defend New York City during the War of 1812 Now you actually can’t get inside It’s locked But this is a really impressive structure to look at It is the oldest building left standing in Central Park And the only remaining fortification from the War of 1812 So if you’re a history buff Start that perfect day in Central Park right here Manhattan might be the last place on earth That you would expect to be able to fish Legally But that’s exactly what you can do in Central Park Stop by the Charles A.

Dana discovery center On the northern part of Central Park Pick up a fishing pole For free They give you little bait It’s just corn You can’t even cast With the fishing pole You just drop the hook in One of the rules is you can’t keep any of the fish that you catch Also you have to watch out for turtles and any wildlife.

. just to be safe about it But this is something that’s really relaxing And not exactly the type of thing you would expect to do On a trip to Central Park But I highly recommend you give this a try Guys I’ll be honest with you I think some of the best parts of Central Park Are at the north And the conservatory garden is an absolute gem It actually has a lot of foundations based off European gardening There’s a section that’s English Italian French Roam around.

. Look at amazing fountains Really cool viewpoints And just tons of flowers and nature all around you This is the kind of spot you could just come To escape the city And relax for a while Believe me Put this on your Central Park list We’re in front of Huddlestone Arch This is one of the most scenic arches to take a photo Or a video of? As you walk through the ravine area Of the park You can see it is held up by uncut boulders? It’s been here since 1866 And just a quick stop for you to make on that perfect day in Central Park I also want to take a moment right now To let you guys know that we are raising $5,000 for the Sean Kimerling Testicular Cancer Foundation I’m two-years cancer free And I wanted to let you know that any merchandise bought Including this t-shirt From my store 100% of the proceeds during the month of may Are going towards that foundation Also I have a GoFundMe in the description If you’d like to donate directly it would mean the world to me Thank you so much.

. Just steps away from Huddlestone Arch Continuing along the ravine part of Central Park We’ve got the Loch And Loch in Scottish means Lake You can see this beautiful cascade right behind me Just a chill spot to come take some photos Hang out Very neat spot Central Park Has a really cool rooftop garden That a lot of people don’t know about Shoutout to my friend Chip for giving me this idea.

. For the video There’s only one elevator in the entire museum that even goes there It’s on the 5th floor And once you exit.. you just have a gorgeous view Of both the skyline and Central Park Take it all in Walk around I’m not going to recommend you get a drink though It’s $15 for a glass of wine And $10 for a beer But just for the views And to take a little bit of a break From the Park The perfect pit stop Team Adriana and I decided to have lunch in front of a $3,000 year old Egyptian Obelisk No surpise it’s located directly behind the Metropolitan Museum of Art Cleopatra’s Needle was erected here in 1881 And it had 3 differnet locations before it even set foot in New York City This thing is awesome Just staring at it You can see ancient Hieroglyphs They even have the translations of the Hieroglyphs if you get close enough to the Obelisk And it has such a neat and unique history In fact, it is the oldest public monument in all of New York City Make sure you stop by after going to the Met We’re standing in front of the Whisper Bench And we’re going to explain why it’s called that in a second You have to find the Shakespeare Garden And a shakespeare garden usually has different plants That were mentioend in some of Shakespeare’s plays And this one here is no different Work your way up the stairs Find the whisper bench We’re going to test it out.

. If I talk onto end of the bench Will you guys hear it.. on the other side? If you can hear this.. make sure to leave me a comment And tell me.. you heard me from the Whispering Bench It’s pretty cool Definitley come up here and play around And see if you can hear each other on either side Very similar to the Whispering Wall in Grand Central Station Of all the things on this video I think this might be my favorite Sail the park For $12 you get to rent a little model sail boat They give you the controls and you take it away Just wait for a windy moment And watch your boat soar around this little man made lake A lot of fun And you also get a lot of attention Everyone keeps stopping and taking photos To me this is such a cool activity do in the park Especially if you have kids I think they would absolutely love to try this Make sure if you’re into it To definitley consider renting a model sailboat When you get to the park The crowd behind me is gathering next to the Alice and Wonderland statue Which was commisioned by Philanthropist George DeLaCourt In honor of his late wife Who loved reading Alice in Wonderland to her children And they made this sculpture so that all the children of New York.

. and whoever is visiting Could come and play here Very cool And they have all the characters from Alice in Wonderland Like Alice, the Madhatter The little cat hanging out in the background Another super cool spot to bring kids Or just take some really cool photos Something that a lot of people overlook when they come to central park Are the Minton Tiles on the ceiling of the Bethesda terrace arcade Usually you’re just going to walk through and not really pay attention I’m encouraging you to stop and look up When you walk inside the arcade You see a tiled ceiling with more than 15,000 colorful patterned tiles From England’s Famous Minton Tile company These were actually originally used on the floors of European Cathedrals But here you see them on the ceiling And it leads directly to Central Park Lake Where for $15 you could rent a rowboat if you’d like We’re in front of what may be the most famous Landmark in Central Park Strawberry Fields This 2.

5 acre manicured section Of Central Park is dedicated to the late Beatle John Lennon Who was murdered right across the street In front of his apartment The Dakota And his wife Yoko Ono actually helped them arrange this here And it’s just a beautiful little section of the park They have an imagine mosaic And sometimes when you come here you’ll find somebody playing Beatle’s music Which is exactly what we ran into today We are just chilling at Sheep Meadow Which is the largest lawn in Central Park without a ball field It’s 16 acres wide And this is the kind of spot where a lot of people like to picnic They like to throw frisbees around Just hang out, with a group of friends.

. This is one of the most popular spots in the park.. Just to come with friends or family And if you’re curious.. how this place got its name.. Sheep Meadow There actually were sheep that used to graze here from 1864 to 1934 So the name is very fitting.. Unfortunately we walked around so many hours today That we just missed the carousel It closes at 6 PM And to me this is a must visit when you come to Central Park It’s just $3.

25 A great activity for children This particuluar carousel was originally installed in Coney Island And then came here in 1951 So it’s a real classic And a really fun thing to do On that first trip to Central Park Guys you can imagine we’re riding the carousel .. Number 15 is.. do whatever you want You actually don’t need a plan when you come to Central Park Literally, the first 2 or 3 times I ever came here I didn’t know where anything was? I just wandered.

. You could just stop and watch a softball game Rent a bike on a whim People watch Set up a picnic? Whatever you want to do You actually don’t have to plan a trip to Central Park Sometimes it’s actually more fun not to have a plan Just roam around You’ve got plenty of room It could take you many many hours Guys tell me down below in the comments what you thought of this video Of the 15 things to do Which one was your favorite? And of course If I missed anything also let me know in the comments Guys, check out my other New York City playlists.

. All linked down below in the description We’ve covered so much around this awesome city Thank you so much for watching as always Until next time.