10 New York City Travel Tips Nobody Talks About !

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What’s up Members of the Barrio It’s Jon, coming to you from Tribeca And we’ve made many videos on this channel About New York City Travel Tips But a lot of that stuff was pretty generic About not crowding the sidewalk About wearing comfortable shoes Stuff like that Today, we’re taking it one step further I”m going to be sharing 10 New York City Travel Tips That nobody talks about

Guys make sure to stay tuned til the end of the video The last tip is really important And check out our other New York City playlists All linked down below in the description

Here we go This is an insider tip That most New Yorkers don’t even know about So when a conductor is pulling up to any subway station They look up for something called the indication board Or the zebra board It’s a black and white striped wood block It’s either going to be next to the platform Or against the wall Find that block And then wait for the train to pull up

The conductor is going to point at it Which mean they’re going to be right there for you to talk to Ask them if your train is going to times square? And they are definitley going to help you out In fact, in this case right here

The conductor when we stopped at Canal Street Jumped out of her booth And told me this is the right stop Absolutely incredible For New York City They are so friendly And an insider tip If you’re a girl taking the train late at night And you want to make sure that you’re right by the conductor

Stand underneath that board And board the subway car where the conductor is going to be sitting Really good stuff And also a shoutout to my friend Evan A native New Yorker Who told me about this tip And also helped me out a lot with this video This was actually a user submitted comment Which i’m turning into a tip Culchy1971 said Another mistake people make is just having to an NHL or NBA Game in Madison Square Garden You can actually see a better team playing in the Barclays Across the Brooklyn Bridge For half the price All super easy to get to As well And the metro stop is right at the stadium This is an excellent point Madison Square Garden is really amazing It’s called the World’s Most Famous arena For good reason But the knicks stink If you just want to come to New York To see a sporting event I’m a Knicks fan But they are horrible And tickets are a lot more expensive

To see a game at the garden Then seeing the Brooklyn Nets at the Barclays Center Ditto for the New York Rangers If you want to see the New York Islanders who play 20 games in Brooklyn At the Barclays Center Those NHL tickets are going to be a lot cheaper And if your favorite team is coming to New York Normally they’re going to play a game at the Garden And then they’re going to play another game at the Barclays Center I promise you prices will be cheaper If you’re willing to go to the Barclays Center If you’re dead set on going to the Garden I’m not going to stop you You are just going to be spending more money And this tip is also useful for concerts If Elton John comes through New York City

The tickets at the Garden on the secondary market on Stubhub.com Are going to be a lot more Then going to Brooklyn Another good point There is a third arena in the New York Metro area In Newark It’s called the Prudential Center The New Jersey Devils NHL team plays there It’s just a 20 minute train ride From Penn Station In Midtown Manhattan And you can also see concerts cheaper there as well So this tip Could save you quite a bit of money Small New York City restaurants That are very busy And you can see a line forming for people to get seats You have to be aware of this I’m going to give you an example I was at a Thai restaurant a few nights ago with a friend

There was about 8 people standing outside This place had about 10 tables And mid way through our meal Just as we were getting close to finishing The waiter arrived with a check This is a very subtle New York thing It means guys we’re busy, if you’re not going to order anything else Just make sure you pay when you’re done And wrap it up I think that it would be considered rude If there’s a huge line waiting outside And you’re not ordering anything Your’e just sitting and chatting And they need that table

The restaurant needs the table to make more money Other customers are waiting And if you’re not ordering anything You should consider getting up After you pay your bill And going for dessert somewhere else Or going to a bar Because not only are you going to be exploring another place in New York But you’re also being very courteous to other people around you This is a tip I don’t hear a lot of people talking about But you’ll definitley see it in New York In smaller, crowded restaurants This is another comment from one of you guys out there That spurned this tip Jonathan Martine wrote The biggest mistake was for sure bringing a car into the city

The entire process of driving through hours of traffic on 34th street, spending way to much on parking Trying not to hit people And other cars was definitley a lesson learned By the way love your videos Feature this comment Your wish is my command, your comment just got featured And while this is something that people talk about I decided to throw it onto this video Because I want to re-iterate it so much If you come to New York City I don’t recommend brining your car I don’t recommend renting a car for a lot of reasons The first one┬áparking costs If you’re staying at a hotel in Midtown Parking is going to cost you 50 dollars or more per night

What could you do with those 50 dollars that you’re not spending on parking your car? I don’t know, a lot of things Second Traffic Traffic can be horrendous Especially in Manhattan Especially during the day Maybe it’s not as bad as Los Angeles But still.

. You don’t want to deal with it And third If you’re going to be parking the car , throughout the city There are so many restrictions everywhere It is tough to find a spot And let me tell you as someone whose had their car towed before There is nothing worse Than getting there And thinking your car got stolen Well the city did kind of steal it But anyway You do not want to get your car towed You don’t want to deal with all the parking issues of New York City Believe me Leave your car at home Don’t put love locks on city bridges This originated in Europe And you know what I’m talking about Those locks that have a couples name.

. and they are chained onto a lot of famous land marks in New York City Specifically the Brooklyn Bridge Well let me tell you They are not good for New York The Brooklyn Bridge, is very old All of those locks, are weighing down on it In fact, the department of transportation had to take care of this themselves Up until 2013 There was a statistic.

. They removed 34,000 locks from the Brooklyn Bridge Which cost the city 100,000 dollars Per year to do Let that sink in for a second Gentleman if you want to tell her you love her forever Put a ring on it Because that lock is going to get cut down It’s not doing the city any favors They even had reports about the locks were breaking.

. some of the chains down It was landing on the Brooklyn Bridge They had to divert traffic It’s no good And for that matter, don’t litter on the bridge Don’t leave anything on the bridge Respect the city Look I get it Photography and Instagram are a big thing now when you travel But just remember There are lot of people that live in New York City And there’s beginning to be problems With people taking photos for Instagram at certain locations Point number 1 The joker stairs In the Bronx

There have been a lot of complaints from local residents up there About people just coming to the stairs To take pictures Well guess what There are folks that live there And they take those stairs every single day They’re getting it blocked By people taking photos For the gram So what I’m telling you Is that if you’re going to be taking Instagram photos in popular locations Where there’s going to be local New Yorkers Just walking by going to work Be very aware of that Another great example.

. is the Brooklyn Bridge If you’re standing in the bike lane And locals are biking to and from Getting to Manhattan Getting to Brooklyn You are going to annoy them a lot So wherever you decide to take photos In this city Always be aware of your surroundings This is a super common mistake that travelers to New York City make Involving buying tickets for Broadway Or sporting events At to high of a cost online Let’s say you google Broadway Tickets Some of the first results to pop up Are not going to be the official box office websites It’s going to be something like.

. Tickets-Center.com And if you don’t read the website closely And few do You won’t see that it is not the official re-seller And that tickets could be sold at way higher than face value A lot of these websites in fact will sell tickets That are being sold for the normal price On the box office website For 2 times, 3 times the cost If you want to find the official website of any box office On broadway I’m putting the link down below right here It’s Broadway.org/shows Every single show on Broadway Is listed there With the correct link I don’t know why so many young people When they visit the city Obsess over going to the clubs in Meatpacking District I honestly think that is the last place you would actually find local New Yorkers

Going out Paying a ton of money to get bottles And have all those issues with doormen And lines We’ve covered so many different things on this channel We’ve covered rooftop bars We’ve covered speakeasy bars One thing we haven’t talked to much about Hint hint video coming Breweries in Long Island City But whatever your taste is Don’t feel like New York City nightlife just revolves around Nightclubs In one area.. Meatpacking

Trust me there’s so much more to it There’s Hookah Bars There’s wine bars There’s even bars that specialize in Mocktails Non-alcoholic drinks Seriously When you visit New York Make sure you don’t limit yourself I’ll start by saying that I personally will not rent a Citibike just to go around most of the Manhattan streets I will happily ride it on the Hudson River Bikepath On the east river bike path In Central Park But I feel like to many tourists who aren’t that confident about their biking abilities.

. Or.. think that New York City is like Europe Which has dedicated bike lanes..