How to Travel in London on a Budget | Cheap London Travel Tips

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Today we’re going to show you how to travel with this little baby- the Oyster card. So for you, today we gonna change various transports and… this is the plan: we gonna start from Royal Victoria, we gonna use the Emirates and go over the river, take the underground from North Greenwich to Canary Wharf, take the DLR to Tower Hill, take a bus to Charring Cross, walk down to Waterloo and take the ferry to Tower Hill which is the tower of London.

So are you excited as we are? Let’s go The airline is open almost all day, but the times may vary between summer and winter. Also, sometimes might be closed for repairs. Just to be sure, check their website at This is RESERVED, this is my spot. Window spot. We gonna see the city now. let’s talk about the most important thing here the prices and how you can save because that is the purpose of this video.

The adults ticket is £4,50. Use your oyster and get it for £3.50. The child ticket is £2.30. Use your oyster and get it for £1.70. Each cabin has a step-free-access and space for bicycles. You know, in case you wanna cycle. We just came from here the Fly Emirates and walking over here, we just go to the O2 arena.

Which is over there. Next plan: we’re going to take the underground. Next plan we’re going to take the underground spikes which should represent the 12 months of the year. At least that’s what I read. I didn’t make it up. I wouldn’t make it up. As you can see this blue thing that’s going on top, I [wouldn’t] make it up as you can see these blue things that’s going on top You can actually go on top of the arena, and we may do this let’s go [all] the time Let’s go to down the ground I like the Emory the emirates airline you can it’s not just to see the city because you cannot see the whole city for more on the e you can see part of the City you can see the can I work with the financial district, but it’s also [which] travel to go from the river pretty nice Really important when you’re on the escalator if you want to stay stay on the right side as I said they on the right You’re going to the budget always.

Have you ready you’re and always on the right side There you go And it’s quite easy to travel or you need to do is follow the time. We’re going to the dlr [important] five, so there’s no direct way to tower Gateway to where we’re going If this purgatory change [its] shadwell if you look at this time There’s no here Tableau is right before fine.

So we need to search for five and four and five plus one four and five over here Let’s go up there So in this case we will always always you need to know where you’re going, right? So in this case there were no time for our field there were transport Bank And you just need to check because [bank] it has the same way, so we’re going to change think a [network] We’re going to change a shadwell because the train goes to bank a little change to our [geo] it was written [more] power He’ll change my channel just all the time In this one the doors will not open unless you open [em] same principle always leave the people go out first and need to open again the let’s go one for us now and and so Another option actually to trial with your bank card if you have this symbol which meet contactless Is the base it’s basically [the] same principle that you just remember touching Whenever you go and touch out when you go out with the same card.

We have holster and comic Let’s do the hancock place if you won’t see the barrier like here, but always look for this That’s bad no magic in and out. We need to keep [it] calm We just came from the our Gateway station Which is right behind me when you’re walking in the street be careful because the traffic is reversed here And you have some reminders on the street this one with both ways Look left.

Look right you see you need to go cross and you’re going to take [+15] quite view But [there] also, but it game, and that’s what we’re looking point Our Gateways over there over here is ours here is the underground station And this wall that you see over there is part of the Asian wall of the city this area is called the city says the city of London actually started from this area Because it’s a little bit here people Do you recognize [these] [columns]? Trafalgar square behind us we decided to change the plan so instead of [Waterloo].

We stopped at trafalgar Square I’m going walk down to Big Bend with Mr. We’re going to go on the other side of the river and we’re gonna take the ferry from London I really excited We are unlikely to [take] the new bucket like this one And you own the new one you can climb from the back and from the top you can actually go from the middle as well But always such in Something really important for the book you always need to wave your hand Before you [come] otherwise if nobody prints the button inside it.

What’s up if you wanna? Stop yes for inside. You wanna press the bottom Something really important. Well, it doesn’t take cash So you need to have your oyster prepared and something pretty cool if you don’t have money in your oyster [you] [can] still throw Gonna have – balance, but you can still travel at least one journal pretty cool whatever I just don’t know when both [nah] So here’s the exam.

This is what miss appear, and you just you have various locations where you can go? All you need is ocean or contact list and you have to have [fifty] actually, I think we need to have the guys again original on the other side [in] London [I] Really cool. We haven’t forgotten as we promised a video about the london eye.