Travel Insurance Doesn’t have to be hard – Read these 4 tips

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There are so many Travel Insurance Tips available that it’s hard to know where to start. Travel agents, Credit Card companies, Personal Insurance Companies and other specialists all offer some form of travel insurance.. Often, these companies cover you for your vacation so you might already be covered.

3 basic types of Travel Insurance

1. Medical Insurance

Holiday Insurance Tips

If you have this already, or if you take one out before your vacation, you need to check this carefully. We have heard of many horror stories where tourists have needed medical help, but wasn’t included in their insurance because of their age, or their pre-existing health conditions.

Check whether a medical evacuation is included in your cover. This may cover transportation to a hospital in your own country or to a less rural one to the one you are being treated in.

Check whether accidental death & dismemberment & Injury is included. This allows your beneficiary an amount in the vent of death or to yourself if dismembered or serious injury

2. Trip Protection Insurance

Trip Protection Insurance

This insurance has 3 main parts

1. Cancellation Coverage- This is where your pre-paid expenses are reimbursed should you have to cancel your trip, due to illness or where a family members is ill or dies.

2. Delay Coverage- This is where there have been transportation delays, maybe your flight has been delayed due to bad weather or a technical fault. Your pre-paid hotel expenses should be re-reimbursed.

3. Trip Interruption Protection-This is where you get some recompense when your holiday as been interrupted because of ill-health or other problems

3. Luggage or car rental protection.

travel insurance tips

This insurance covers your baggage and personal items should they become lost, damaged or stolen. The Car rental Protection covers your car in case of accident and is a must if you plan on hiring during your vacation. A good idea is to check the rules and conditions as sometimes these policies don’t include loss or damage in flight and you may need to pay extra should you require this type of cover.

4. Now that we know the types of Travel Insurance, you may be asking “How do I buy Travel Insurance”?

How to buy travel insurance

It is important to check with your current insurance policies first as you may be covered for travel insurance with them. Even if you are, check for discrepancies that can creep into all policy’s, such as age, existing medical conditions etc.

If you aren’t covered by current insurance providers, you may need to broker your own Travel Insurance. Someone who offers great value and plain language Policies, so you know exactly what you are getting for your money. Peace of mind is critical in Insurance and we believe this company should provide details in plain old English. Remember to shop around and check prices and most importantly of all, what is and what is NOT covered. Your safety & peace of mind is paramount.

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