100 Things To Do in London

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Good morning, everybody! Today I have a special article for you guys. I have KChoi with me. I’m visiting her in London and we’re going to film 100 Things You Should Do In London. I pitched the idea for her and then she’s thought of 90 and I thought of 5. So it should be a very helpful guide for anyone who wants to visit London.

But first, coffee at…Costa. Why Costa? It’s just like a well-known chain in the UK. All right. Get a full English breakfast and we are going to Bill’s. Top up your Oyster Card. Take the tube. You want to walk on this side and have everyone stand on the right side so tip for you guys. We’re going down~ Watch a show in London.

We’re going to watch “An American in Paris”, but not today. take a picture in front of Big Ben and this bus if you want. Big Ben! Check out the London Eye. I’m too scared of heights, so I’m not going to go up it, but isn’t it beautiful Take a picture by one of the red phone booths.

It’s a very obligatory photo here. Visit Buckingham Palace, I love the gold details of this place. Take a selfie with one of the lions at Trafalgar Square. Yes! Check out the art at the National Gallery, it’s free That was such a cool museum. Take a red double decker bus. Let’s try to get a good seat.

Check out the views at Sky Garden. I love this building. It is super photogenic and you can see all the beautiful like monuments and the view is spectacular. By the windows it says what we are looking at. So City Hall, City Hall. Cross the London Bridge, it’s not falling down. Talk about the weather because earlier today it was gloomy and cold.

It even rained a little bit. Yeah, and now it’s sunny. It’s beautiful! It’s sunny! Watch one of Shakespeare’s plays at the Globe. It’s very traditional and one of my favorite experiences in London. We’re now going to go to St. Paul’s Cathedral, but we can’t film in there.

But let’s go check it out. Yes. Gotta shop at Boots. Afternoon tea at Bea’s. You gotta have Nando’s when you’re in Londom. Go to Hogwarts forth from Platform Nine and Three-Quarters! Pick up a snack at Pret. Take a train to Paris. We picked up lavenders at the flower market So pretty! My hand smells so good right now because we were holding this.

Oh yeah and Joan got this to take home. Oh yes, I did! I love lavender. Now let’s check out Brick Lane Market. Apparently all the shops are open on Sundays only so it’s a good day to check it out. If you crave good Indian food, I heard Brick Lane is the place to go. Right here. Check out one of the pop-up shops.

Lots of designer brands for a discounted price. Everywhere you turn in Shoreditch, lots of street art. We are now at Old Spitalfields Market. Finally eating fish and chips! Yay! When in London, check out All Saints! We are in front of Box Park, and this is made from containers kind of like the one in Seoul, Common Ground.

I heard taking a black cab is like a big deal here. Oh so windy. We went to too many markets today, but there’s another one right there It’s called Exmouth market, and there’s a lot of cute cafés, restaurants. So definitely check it out If you’re here another market to add to your list When in London why not check out Burberry because it is from here.

I’m gonna go eye shopping at Harrods because I don’t have the money for it. Jo Malone is from London, so let’s smell their perfumes. Don’t forget to take the famous Egyptian Escalators. And of course you have to check out the food hall. Marble stairs, marble floors, marble sides. Yes.

Can’t forget to pick up the tea. Rent a bike. Ride your bike through Hyde Park. Check out Marble Arch. Don’t forget to dock your bike on time. Now let’s get some shopping done. I want to introduce some of my favourite UK brands to you all. And you can always go to Selfridges for all of the brands.

Four pounds. Perfect break after all that shopping. Check out Carnaby Street. It’s so cute here. One last department store. I’m in front of Liberty London, very unique it used to sell a lot of fabrics, but now it has everything Here it is. Liberty London. We’re in front of Jamie Oliver. I’m actually not going to eat here today but when I was studying abroad in 2012 this was actually one of my favorite restaurants because their pastas were amazing, love their drinks as well, so this is highly recommended.

It’s kind of all over UK I think so highly want to recommend this restaurant to you guys. Right now I’m in front of Picadilly Circus. And behind me is usually lights, like lots of LED lights and screens but they are replacing it so later this year they will have newly lit screens for you guys.

I’m kind of sad that I won’t see it, but it’s okay. This is Leicester square. There are a lots of film premieres here And I don’t know if you guys can see but there’s a poster for Guardians of the Galaxy, it’s coming out soon I’m super excited. I heard it’s impossible to book tickets, but if you’re a Harry Potter fan You gotta watch this.

Walking over to seven dials. If you’re into cute shops and cuter restaurants they have it here. Covent Garden Market. So much red in London. This is a post box and you can send your mail to anywhere you’d like. when I was studying abroad I used to send Postcards do my family and friends, and I don’t have postcards with me today But this is like a fun thing.

Heading over to Sunday Roast. Yay! I’m going to Sunday Roast at Winchester Yay, let’s go. It’s 2 for 20 pounds Chicken and beef. This is Granary Square recommended by one of you guys. So thank you this place is super cute lots of cute restaurants I see and there is a canal here, so let’s go closer to that area.

Let’s check out the British Library. You can sit on a book (lol) Check out one of London’s many universities. I’m in front of UCL. This campus is huge. Let’s check out Waterstone. This is the Colville the Barnes and Noble of London. Look for all the blue plaques around London. Here it says Robert Aikman an author and Co-founder of the Inland Waterways Association lived and worked here so cool English history around London.

And to learn more history you can check out the British Museum. Grab a bite to eat at Eat. Visit, Kensington Palace it’s one of my favorites in the UK. So green here. Go grocery shopping at Waitrose or Sainsbury’s. Gotta pick up my favourite UK snack. I love these chips or crisps and chocolate.

I know we didn’t hit Abbey Road and so many other museums, but I’m going to end it here because we hit 100 but don’t forget to pick up a souvenir. Oh, this is cute. I’m gonna pick this up and I will see you guys in Seoul.